Proper Disposal List


Not to include the villages of Laura, Ludlow Falls, Potsdam or West Milton

This is a partial list of items. If you need additional information please contact the UTSW office at 698-4480 or Cindy Bach at 440-3488

Miami County Transfer Station, 2200 N. Co. Rd. 25A, Troy, Ohio 45373 (Fees may apply)


Animal Carcasses – Transfer Station will accept.

Asbestos – If it’s friable or brittle it must be packaged correctly and taken to a landfill. The closest landfill is Stony Hollow, Dayton, Ohio. The phone number is 268-1133.

Batteries – Transfer Station will accept.

Bio-Medical Waste – Enviro-Medical can be contacted at (866) 669-9800 or consult your pharmacist. Sharps disposal fact sheet

Drums – Transfer Station will accept with proper preparation (cleaned out and top and bottom removed).

Electronics – Staples will accept for a fee (call for details 339-4622). The Transfer Station will accept on designated days (see website for details).

Freon-filled appliances – Transfer Station will accept.

Fuel Tanks – Transfer Station cannot accept. Please contact Manns Auto Parts (698-5195) or Urban Elsass and Son Inc. (773-3337) for assistance.

Liquid Waste – If it’s hazardous, it must be handled by a company that takes care of hat particular type of waste. Motor oil may be accepted from various auto part businesses.

Railroad ties/telephone poles – Transfer Station will accept if the material is in 8 foot sections and under.

Siding/roofing shingles – Transfer Station will accept.

Tires – Transfer Station will accept.

Yard Waste – Transfer will accept.

If there are other questions, contact Cindy Bach at 440-3488

Miami County Sanitary Engineer, Solid Waste